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The Anthropocene is the process from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, when the influence of humanity on the world reached its highest levels, and the name given to this situation, also called The
Human Age, which will continue.

Today corresponds to a period when man felt his technocentric identity too much. The concept of technocentrism can be briefly summarized as a system of thought in which the “instrumental mind”is superior and sees the control of nature as a means of human happiness. This point is actually the result of the adventure of living integrated with nature that has been going on since the beginning of humanity. The relationship, which began as a hunter-gatherer and had an extremely simple functioning, has evolved into a system of reducing natural resources, such as a “served - product”, in which man now sees himself as “served”. This system had to put countless vehicles and manpower between the product and the service. When faced with the fact that the energy of the world is limited, we feel the importance of alternative energies from good to better. Carbon emissions, melting glaciers, changing climate and The Associated decrease in natural resources have a direct negative impact on the human race. An ecological lifestyle and the consumption of alternative energy sources are becoming almost mandatory.


This project; It will be an effort to understand again and much more carefully the natural life that we were a part of and which we have been breaking for a while.
Animal races and plants living in different geographies survive by using their vital instincts to adapt to the conditions in which they exist. This adaptability, the ability to live without the need for another tool other than their own existence, is a study subject that can be learned through.


Type   : Social / Competition

Place  : Konya

Time   : 2021

Client : Karapınar Enerji

Status : 3rd Prize


Burak Pelenk

Eda Yazkurt Pelenk

Elfin Aydınoğlu

Bahadırcan Günay


Tuba Han Koç

Zeynep Koç

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