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Urban Gap

"El Hueco Urbano"


Different fragments from the city, park, museum, crowded traffic and building blocks, each of them has distinctive character collides at “MALI”s new wing.

Having read the brief and made research on the site, we came up with the idea of using these potentials of the site rather than bringing stranger elements to it.

Analyzing the potentials, it reveals that existing museum has its own particular architecture that represents its history, park is a place to relax and city blocks itself has its own moving – vivid lifestyle.

 A new place for museum between different identities must be relatively silent to its existing environment. The design uses all its efforts to be “native” as much as possible both as an architectural element and as an emerging urban fabric.



Type   : Museum / Competition

Place  : Lima  / Peru

Time   : 2016

Client : MALI Museum

Status : Honorable Mention

Turgut Cansever Achivement Award


Burak Pelenk

Eda Yazkurt Pelenk

Damla İçyer

Tuğberk Nazlı

Dilara Demiralp

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