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Urban Context

The Pljevlja Hospital has been designed in desire to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, given its location on the slope of the mountains. The building has been oriented to maximize the views of the surrounding forest, while also being easily accessible from the city. The main entrance is situated in the crossroad of  Lovćenska and  Save Kovačevića. Both roads connects city centre to surrounding cities. The intersection that is created by these roads has a important potential for the main entrance of the new hospital. The connection with the existing facility is also essential for the decision. To respect and integrate the scale of the Pljevlja; building mass of the proposed building has been designed accordingly. There are some typical solutions for hospital with impatient wards. But in many case “cluster systems are working more efficiently, in terms of operating system. As a architectural piece, hospitals are mostly shaped by wards’ decisions. In this project,ward units are considered as ”linear clusters”, to adapt its location both for preserving valuable trees and forest view. Those so called “linear clusters” are situated inparallel rotation to Save Kovacevica, having its main entrance and visitor traffic from Lovcenska. This decision brings fragmental identity for the mass and facades which is intended to blend into the city’ scale. With its sloped roof with modern interpration it blends even more in to Pljevlija in urban context


Interior Organization

Hospital’s organization is provided by two main corridors perpendicular to ward clusters. One of these corridors that is almost in the middle of the building and it serves as “main logistic corridor”. Food distrbution, changing of bed linens and othe logitical matters would be running on that corridor. This very corridor also separates inpatient and outpatient needs. The corridor that is attached to main entrance facade serves to inhabitate visitors and mostly out patients to have surgery in polyclinic units. Inner gardens in ground floor habitates existing trees and proposed landscape to sustain natural life as well as the terrace gardens on the first floor. At the basement floor ,kitchen, laundry and Hvac units are placed with an outside access from city level 796. Wards are linearly clustered from 10 beds to 20 beds. Ward units have both forest and city view. Operating theaters, ICU unit and Maternity ward are situated on top of eachother and connected via separate elevator. Overall, the architectural organization of the Pljevlja hospital  prioritize functionality, patient comfort, safety, and sustainability while incorporating the latest technologies and creating a welcoming environment for patients and their families.


Type   : Healthcare / International Competition

Place  : Pjevlja / Montenegro

Time   : 2023

Client : Ministarstvo Ekologije

Status : 1st Prize


Burak Pelenk

Eda Yazkurt Pelenk

İlayda Karaca

Ecem Bengisu Üncü

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